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The village of Tállya, in the northwestern part of the Tokaj wine region, dates back to the 13th century. The name itself derives from the French word 'taille' (to cut), given to it by the French who settled in the area planted it with vines. Many monuments and buildings bear witness to the town's rich history, including the Maillot manor, the Rákóczi and Szirmay mansions, the Bernáth House, where Mikszáth's The Strange Marriage was written, and the childhood and work of Erzsébet Lónyai, the fictional protagonist of Sándor Weöres' Psyché, are also linked to Tállya.

Tállya has always been one of the most important settlements of the wine region, written records dating back to the mid-16th century talk about wine cellars famous for their sweet wine. Legend has it that at the Council of Trent in 1561, Bishop György Draskovich of Pécs offered Pope Pius IV sweet wine from the Palota vineyard, and he said: 'Summum pontificem talia vina decent'('The Pope should have this (Tállya) wine').

Tállya is not only worth visiting for the picturesque landscape of the Tokaj hills, the hillside vineyards, the 400-500 year old stone houses with cellars underneath, or the dry and sweet wines and aszú, but also for the many programmes, art camps and festivals that make the area sparkling and attract visitors all year round.



Historic east-facing vineyard in the north-eastern part of Mád. We have 0.8 hectares of Furmint and Hárslevelű here, however we won't be making wines from this area in the future. 



The Bártfai vineyard was named after the town of Bártfa, which was formerly called Felső-Tökösmály, as it is located above the present-day Tökösmály. It used to belong to our family, and we managed to buy it back a few years ago. This rocky, riolitic, east-facing area was difficult to plant, but today, including new plantings, we have 1 hectare here, 80% of which is Furmint and 20% Hárslevelű.

191001 Furmint Photo Szolo 117.jpg


The Hetény vineyard is located opposite Tállya (they call these vineyards "vizentúl" or "over the water") and it is of our favourite areas. In 2015, we planted a 1.5 hectares of Furmint and Yellow Muscatel in the vineyard. We later acquired the adjoining plot (planted in 1945) with a small cottage - it is very dear to our hearts and a wonderful place for a tasting or a quiet afternoon.



This area and its vines were mentioned in the first classification of Tokaj by Mátyás Bél published in 1730.  Our 0.5-hectare vineyard is one of the best in the wine region, with beautiful 60-year-old Hárslevelű vines. The very steep south-facing slope with riolitic tufa soil produces beautiful wines year after year.

190426 Furmint Photo  Szóló 108 (1).jpg


On these 0.8 hectares, we cultivate 60-year-old Furmint and Hárslevelű vines on south-facing riolitic slopes. The Sípos vineyard was love at first sight, from the top you can see the beautiful nature all around, and the churches of Tállya. It is a real gift to be able to admire this view while working!



An excellent south-southwest facing vineyard with riolite tuff mixed with brown forest soil. It was planted in 1985 with Furmint, and my grandmother grafted and selected all the vines here.
We have a few rows of red grapes here for our annual one-barrel rosé.

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