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Wine runs in the family... Growing up in Tállya meant that we were always connected to grapes, and grapegrowing. We have not only inherited land, but the knowledge of the elders, along with their respect of terroir, their work ethic, and love.

Wine and winemaking is a gift and curse. Work, battles, losses, a learning curve. Wine is the essence of labour of love, memories, hardships, love, in a bottle.

We love and respect nature and teh beauty of life, which lead us to biodynamic winemaking, and gentle farming. Natural wine is alive, it changes, just like nature and our lives. 

As of 2019, we are working with minimal intervention in the vineyards and the winery. Our wines are always unfiltered and unfined and made without any chemical additions.

10 ha finom Tokaj Tállya Bohomály Tökösmály Bártfai Sipos Hetény Palota Ötvenhold Dukát Fu
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